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Kristof Cuderman Interview
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  I recently had the opportunity to ask Kristof Cuderman a few questions about his fishing and perhaps find out a little more about his success with catching monster carp. Kristof is a team member with dynamite baits and a … Read More

Watercraft – Intro
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Watercraft Part 1 – Intro I have wanted to talk about watercraft for a while as it is one of the most important things in anyone fishing especially when it come to hunting down carp and it doesn’t just stop … Read More

Watercraft – Weather and how it can effect the carp
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Watercraft Part 2 – Weather and how it can effect the carp   The weather can affect carp in many different ways and the most obvious of its affects is the change and differences in feeding during our seasons. As … Read More

Watercraft – Islands, Margins & Snags
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Watercraft Part 3 – Islands, Margins & Snags   These areas are all great in there own way and I will often fish to these where ever I can, But these also make good starting points if you can’t find … Read More

Watercraft – Signs of carp & under water features
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Watercraft Part 4 – Signs of carp & under water features   In this part I’m going to talk about what to look out for when trying to spot carp and discover their location and also what features to find … Read More

How to tie the Ronnie Rig
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This video will show you how to tie the ever more popular Ronnie Rig. It will show you everything you need to tie it and show you step by step how to tie the rig.  

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We all love watching our favorite hobby on YouTube and over the past few weeks we have been working hard to create our new look YouTube channel and soon we’ll be uploading more and more videos for you to watch. … Read More

Is it cheaper to make your Boilies yourself.
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This was a big question for me not so long ago, Is it cheaper to make your Boilies yourself?   I go through a lot of boilies especially in the warmer months. So naturally I wanted to look for a cheaper … Read More

Making boilies at home
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Is Making boilies at home easy? It turns out it really is and you only need a few things. I’m going to be making some Mainline Cell in my kitchen and talk you through just how easy it is.   … Read More

Willow park fishery
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I set up after work to try and snag a bite or 2 over night and it was only 10 mins after casting I had this 18lb common. fell to a Solid pva bag with a mix of hemp corn … Read More

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