Is it cheaper to make your Boilies yourself.

Is it cheaper to make your Boilies yourself.

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This was a big question for me not so long ago, Is it cheaper to make your Boilies yourself?


I go through a lot of boilies especially in the warmer months. So naturally I wanted to look for a cheaper way of doing things without loosing the the top quality of my favorite bait, Mainlines Cell.

So is it cheaper? Well to start off not really you first kilos will be your most expensive. However once you have the basic things that you need it gets cheaper as you go along. So what do you need to start of and how much does it cost?

You will need all of the below and I have provided links to these at my local shop Monton Bait and Tackle so you don’t have to look far. Some things you’ll already have such as bowls and pan etc. so I wont bother listing these.

  1. A sausage gun – £19.99 
  2. or A sausage rolling table – £7.50
  3. A rolling table – £34.99
  4. A flavour or Activator – £11.25 (I have linked Mainlines)
  5. A Base mix – Price varies (I linked Mainline) 

So before you start making bait your base cost is £54.98 assuming you buy the gun and table listed above. Then to the bait, if you by the link Activator it gives you enough to make 10kg at the correct measurement so the average cost of 10kg of base mix at this time is just short of £50 so add that to your activator and that’s roughly £61.25. So your first 10kg of bait you make comes out at a cost of about £10.50 excluding the cost of your eggs. But and this is a good but 1kg of base mix will make around 1.5kg once you’ve added your eggs and once you get past the the first 10kg and you put the initial cost behind you, you can get this down to about £3 a kilo excluding eggs if you shop right. Then with a little effort your saving money on every Kilo.


If you want to get into making bait at home you can read my article on how easy it can be. Making Boilies at Home.