How to tie the KD rig

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DSC_0219How to tie the KD rig



The KD rig is simple but aggressive and with a little practice really easy to tie.

You’ll need the following to get started.

  • A soft coated braid
  • a curved shanked hook of your choosing
  • a bait stop
  • and some bait






Step 1.

Tie a loop knot and tread on your bait along with the bait stop.

It is best to do this now to get an idea of where your bait will be in relation to your hook and also to get an idea of your hair length.








Step 2.

Thread on your choice of hook threading the line down through the eye towards the hook point.

This is important as this will help with the hook hold and help give the hook some of it aggression.





Step 3.

In this step we will be tying a knotless knot but part way through we will make the hair kick out leaving the hook to kick out aggressively. Hold the hook and line tight as you would if you were tying a standard knotless knot but after 2 wraps around the shank and hair you will need to move the hair out of the way and then continue to wrap down the shank 6 more time keeping tension on the knot. Finally wrap one more full warp back down the shank to the eye and back through the eye the same direction you first went through in step 2.

Then pull tight.




DSC_0225 (1)

Step 4.

Finish the Rig with a loop knot and pull tight. You can also add a shot weight to the hair if you choose to use a wafter or popup bait.







I hope this helps you to put more carp on the bank and I will follow up soon with a video tutorial.