Three Rigs I Take Anywhere

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Three Rigs I Take Anywhere

Ok so in most of my fishing I use a number of rigs but mainly my starting point is one of these 3 as they have always done me well in the past and to be honest if I ever change anything it is just a variation of these 3. I make a few tweaks here and there and I have another rig that is suitable for the situation I am fishing. I will go though each rig and what I would use them for below but the main thing is not the rigs themselves but the preparation of having these good to go at the drop of a hat. This means that if I turn up in a swim and the fish are bouncing out in the lake and on the feed I can quickly get on it and cast out.


Three Rigs I Take AnywhereThe There Rigs I take Anywhere are :-

  • The Knotless Knot Rig
  • The IQ D rig
  • The Stiff Hinged Rig


So lets take a look at each.


The Knotless Knot Rig.


One the fist rigs I started using over 20 years ago when I was barely into my teens I use to tease 2 pieces of corn onto the hair and get great success. Needless to say this rig is one of the simplest and a great rig to tie if you are only just getting into fishing for carp. But I think because of this simplicity it does me well without the added extras of shrink tube, swivels and krimps it uses the colour of the line and hook to blend into the bottom. I tippically use this rig on a firm lake bottom when I am boillie fishing. With its wide gape or krank hook pattern it is perfect to nab a fish in the bottom lip. Bellow you can see how I tie it and what I use to make this simple rig up in seconds.



The IQ D Rig


Those of you that know me or have spoke to me on the bank know that I love this rig its a little more difficult to tie but easy once you know how. I found this rig watching one of the korda dvds and since then it has become a massive part of my fishing especially when using corn. I keep a whole bunch of these ready to go and out of the 3 rigs probably gets more use. I tend to use this with a critically balanced bait and over a big bed of particles.



The Stiff Hinge Rig,


This is my starting point when it comes to pop-ups and is a rig known for performance it has a stiff boom section up to a really flexable hinge followed by a chod setup making it great for putting on a hard surface and presenting a single bait away from your lead. This rig will also reset itself if picked up by nuisance fish or other wild life. I tend to use this mostly when in the margins or close up to reads.


So these are the rigs I always have set up and ready to go they are easy and quick to tie but most importantly I have them ready to go as soon as I am on the bank so I don’t waist any time getting a bait in the water.


I hope this helps you with you rig choices as there is no 1 rig that works everywhere but hopefully by having a few made up and ready to go each of these will help you catch an early bite in your next session.


Tight lines,