Watercraft – Intro

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Watercraft Part 1 – Intro

I have wanted to talk about watercraft for a while as it is one of the most important things in anyone fishing especially when it come to hunting down carp and it doesn’t just stop with the water it’s self. I will be splitting this into a number of parts/bite sized chunks.

In this part I want to talk about the basics that we need to look out for both before and when we turn up at a venue. It’s easy to turn up at a lake and just set up at the first swim you get to from the car park and granted it makes life a lot easier if you’re pushing your barrow 20-30 yards or so rather than the opposite end of the lake but is this truely where you are going to get the most out of your session? The answer is NO.. you might drop lucky and be on the fish but chances are this lazy tactic will only get you a few fish if your lucky to get any at all. I was once told by a fellow angler when I was much younger that you are better off spending time looking for the best spot than waiting in the wrong spot and I often read a simliar phrase in other articals. “10 minutes in the right spot is better than 10 hours in the wrong”. This is absolutly true and is the shear basics of watercraft, you are looking for the best area to present your bait at the time you are fishing.

So what does watercraft look like for me? Before I go fishing and often during the week before I go I check the weather. I have a simple app on my phone that tells me everthing I need to know from wind direction to pressure and it tells me this on hour by hour on the day and in 3 hour intervals days before. I will also keep a close eye on social meadia to see recent captures and get an rough idea of number of anglers on the bank and the number of fish couming out. When I arrive at the lake I often leave my gear in the car if I feel it is safe to do so and take a walk around while keeping my eyes on the water. at this point I am looking for signs of carp cruising or feeding. I will also be loking for snags and islands and other places to present my traps. I will also take this oppertunity to quiz anyone that is already there or just leaving. This is a great way to find out where the fish might be. Just finding out where people have been fishing and when they last caught can be a real help in locating the carp. Only once I feel I have enough of an idea where the carp are will I pick where I plan to fish and I only intend to stay there for as long as the fish are. If the wind changes and the carp follow I will move and if I feel I’m not on the fish I’ll look for a spot I will be.
In the comiong parts I will be looking at the below, I hope this gives some insight and helps you improve your catch rate.

Part 2

– Watercraft – Weather and how it can effect the carp

Part 3

– Watercraft – Islands, Margins & Snags

Part 4

– Watercraft – Signs of carp & under water features



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