Watercraft – Islands, Margins & Snags

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Watercraft Part 3 – Islands, Margins & Snags


These areas are all great in there own way and I will often fish to these where ever I can, But these also make good starting points if you can’t find signs of fish. I’ll also spend some time checking these areas out while walking round to see if there is any movement or signs of feeding

Islands are a big feature in a lake and will often have overhanging trees or bushes as well as unseen roots or snags all of which the carp will love and use on a regular basis. As well as offering the carp some refuge they can also offer us the added bonus of accuracy and make it a lot easier to get a nice neat and compact baited area.

The biggest feature in the lake however has to be the margins. They surround the lake and good opportunity to be both accurate and stealthy as often as I can I will devote a rod to the margins with a small scattering of bait. In the margins your find every thing from gravel areas, reeds, lillys and more. These areas can produce a lot of fish especially in the warmer months. It will also give you the opportunity to peak your head through the bushes and check to see if they have been feeding on your bait or not. The Margins are also a great food source for the carp as most anglers will put unused bait in the margin or when changing bait chuck the unwanted one in the edge Not to mention the natural food from the surrounding trees and foliage.

This brings me on to snags. Carp love snags and they feel safe within them and there is a reason for that people will often stay away from them to avoid the danger of getting caught up but if you can safely get close enough without loosing your gear or putting fish in danger then you can be onto a winner. Carp will feed more freely here and will often just sit around within them.


These areas can bring a lot of success so don’t ignore them and remember if you can’t spot signs of fish feeding or moving these are all a great place to start.


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