Watercraft – Signs of carp & under water features

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Watercraft Part 4 – Signs of carp & under water features


In this part I’m going to talk about what to look out for when trying to spot carp and discover their location and also what features to find under the surface. We’ll look at signs of feeding, tell tale signs of fish location, silt spots, gravel bars and weed.

Carp will often leave you signs of where they are and where they have been, below I’ll talk you through a few of these and what they mean.

Clear spots in Margins, When Carp have been feeding in the margins they can often leave clear spot. After they have been rummaging around for food they can often clear away weed and leave a smooth patch. This is a good indication of a regular spot.

Cloudy water, When carp get there heads down feeding they can kick up a lot of the bottom so if you see cloudy water you can be sure to find feeding fish.

Movement in Reeds/Lilys, if you see movement in reeds or lilys and there are not signs of birds or ducks you can safely assume this will be fish. This goes the same for the duckweed in the image to the right. Carp can easily disturb the duckweed when cruising just under the surface.

Bubbles breaking the surface, this can be a sign of feeding fish as they rummage on the bottom looking for food.

Showing fish, Carp on the surface whether they are splashing about or simply just cruising by this is an obvious give away of their location. However it doesn’t always mean they are feeding.


As well as the above, under the surface there are features we can not see and once we have found a good location to set up we then need to think about were to present our bait. Just casting to fish isn’t always enough so if you have opportunity to do so chuck a lead out and feel for these areas.

Weed, we all know carp love weed it provides food and safety. if your leads coming back with think weed on it and your not getting a clear donk when feeling the lead down then try and find the edge of the weed this will be a great area to present a bait.

Gravel Bars, these are areas the carp will patrol on a regular basis so getting your bait at the edge of a bar can be very productive. When using your lead to feel around you’ll feel a sharp donk as the lead drops and it will skip back as you pull it back and taps across the gravel.

Silt, I love fishing in slit but it can be difficult. Heavy leads will dig in deep and using stiff hooklinks is a no no as it can be pulled into the slit and end up sticking up and looking unnatural. However if you get the presentation right silt can be really productive as it can hold a lot of natural foods.


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