Watercraft – Weather and how it can effect the carp

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Watercraft Part 2 – Weather and how it can effect the carp


The weather can affect carp in many different ways and the most obvious of its affects is the change and differences in feeding during our seasons. As the temperatures drop the carp slow down and seek refuge in warmer more comfortable areas of water and in the warmer months they are happy to cruise round looking for food or shelter from danger. The more minor changes in weather that effect us less can often be big changes for carp leading to there movement to different areas. I use a simple app (XC weather) when looking at weather before and during fishing, I have this on my phone and it tell me everything I need to know wind direction and speed, temperature, amount rain, percentage of cloud and pressure.

We’ll fist discuss wind, this can affect carp in a big way with regard to location. Depending on the strength on the wind it can push the surface water to one end of the lake which then will force the the water in the lower columns to move in the opposite direction. This can bring a food source to a particular location and depending on if the wind is cold or warm can make the water more of less comfortable for the carp. You will often find that with a Southwesterly wind this will be warm and the carp will follow the wind but tend to stay on the back of a colder northeasterly.

Pressure can also be a big factor in location and although we do not feel this that much the carp will. The higher the pressure the less comfortable the lake bed will be and depending on depth the carp may not visit deeper areas to feed on the bottom. This is when Zigs and floaters come into there own. The lower the pressure is the more comfortable the depths become. The pressure also plays a part in the the overall weather with high pressures leading to a clear sky and the lower pressure giving us an overcast and cloudy day/night. As a rule of thumb I tend to treat anything below 1000mb as low pressure.

So in summary if your visiting a lake on a warm sunny day with clear skies and a strong Southwesterly then you can expect the carp to be following the wind but they may not be keen on visiting the bottom due to higher pressure. If you have a warm win from the southwest I would start my search in the front of it and with a cooler northeasterly start by looking in the back of the wind and in sheltered areas of the lake.


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