What particles to use in winter?

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With only a few months left in of winter I thought I would write a little about what particle to use in winter and what makes a good winter particle so I recently had a conversation with Mark over at Cheshire particles on the topic of winter particles and their SS3 range.


I have been using Cheshire particles for a little over a year now ordering bulk for myself and via friends. Their bait has always been super fresh and at a reasonable price. I just can’t fault them and they have helped me land a number of fish and as you can see from their website they have help land some big fish both in the UK and in Europe. So weather you are looking to get out for a 24hr session at you local water or your heading to France I recommend you check their bait out.


I asked Mark what he thought were 3 key elements in a winter bait and to break some of these down for me.

  1. Smell
  2. Visibility
  3. Nutrition


when it comes down to the smell we all know that particles have a great natural smell to them and that the carp absolutely love it. However even with this great starting smell we are all too quick to add flavor to the mix in an attempt to make our bait more attractive than the bait next door. Some of these flavourings can mask the original smell of what was a great smelling bait. In fact Mark commented that with particles like a party mix he recommends not using flavours as these types of blend have a wonderful, delicate and unique smell all of their own and carp find that particularly attractive.


Visibility to me is really important in the winter months when the light is dull and the days shorter you want to make the most of any chance to attract passing fish and encourage them to feed. I also feel you should try to use colours that appear in nature around the specific time of year you are fishing similar to the tactics that fly fishermen use when making flys for the different types of insects during the time of year. I try to focus on using brighter colours and if you have read my blog of how to catch carp on the cheap you’ll know that corn is one of my favourite baits that I take anywhere. Try darker colours on a light lake bed and lighter colours on a darker bed like silt or clay.


Most people think that particles are pretty low in nutritional terms. I suppose they are if you compare them to a top class fishmeal or HNV boilie, however, pulses, seeds and cereals are full of protein and other important nutrients and have the advantage over some other types of baits in that they are easily digested. The seed blends are also pretty nutritious so you can still give the fish a decent feed in winter without having to cough up a fortune.


In summary of all the above use what you know the carp like but don’t go and mask these bright natural smells with loads of flavourings as you could be missing a trick. Make sure you have a good selection of shapes, sizes and colours to catch the eye of the passing carp and mix in some colour, add some corn, tiger and hemp to a real mix of visual, taste and nutrition.


SS3 winter blendI also talked to Mark about the new SS3 blend which Cheshire particles have designed with winter in mind. The blend contains a mix of hemp, tares and maples which are all enhanced by Cheshire particles in house with some sweeteners and salt. Mark told me they have carfully selected what goes into the bait to makes sure it imitates fallen berrys and seeds during the Autumn and Winter months. When I look at the bait I just know this is going to be good with it’s rich colour and mix of some real great naturals. This will without a doubt be in my arsenal next time I’m out on the bank.


You can check out Cheshire Particles on their website www.cheshireparticle.com


I hope if nothing else the above gives you something to think about and maybe gives you some inspiration to try particles in the winter or mix your up your current choice!

Get on it and good luck!